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Okay, so my little sis has been using a service called Hello Fresh. Once a week you receive a delivery from Hello Fresh with all fresh ingredients and recipes for 3 easy-to-fix homemade meals, made from scratch. The ingredients are the exact amount you need to prepare each meal and come with easy to follow instructions. No waste. I like that. My sister sent me a link to try the service free for a week. Nothing to lose!

With our unpredictable work schedule, Ray and I eat out more than we eat at home. WAY MORE! Seriously, McDonald’s twice a day isn’t unusual for us! YIKES! I used to cook dinner as much as possible – I enjoy cooking. Problem is, I would go grocery shopping and buy meat and fresh produce for a few meals that are time consuming to prepare. Without fail, all our mediations that week last 9, 12, 13, 15, 18 hours! Next thing I know I’m throwing away bad meat and produce.

Upon further research I discovered a few other companies that provide similar services, Plated, Blue Apron and Peach Dish. I decided I would compare the companies and decide which one I like the best, based on price, ease of recipes, menu options and, of course, how good the food is.

I decided not to try Peach Dish when I discovered I would have to pay each week just for shipping! They do have free shipping to other States, just not all of them.

After trying Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Plated each for a couple weeks, I’ve decided Hello Fresh is my favorite. It was a very close call between Hello Fresh and Plated, but Hello Fresh is a little less expensive and the majority of the recipes are faster to make and easier than with Plated.

What I didn’t like about Blue Apron is everything arrives just thrown in a box. Nothing is bagged together for separate recipes like it is with Hello Fresh and Plated. I ended up using parsley in a recipe that called for cilantro by accident, then the next night I didn’t have any parsley for the recipe I was making. Really? Who has time to sort through all those ingredients? LOL! Some of the seasonings weren’t marked and are in little ziploc bags so it was a guessing game.

Hello Fresh and Plated both put all the ingredients (except for the meat, which is in it’s own separate package) for each meal in a big ziploc bag clearly labeled.

I think I’ll keep using Hello Fresh!

To try Hello Fresh, go to hellofresh.com and enter the code HNNCCQ for a discount on your first order, or simply click here:


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