Golden Tote

Yet another online clothing shopping service to try out!

Golden Tote is somewhat similar to Stitch Fix. You go on their website, fill out a profile and on the first Monday of each month they launch 2 sales. One option is to receive 2-3 items for and the other option is to receive 5-7 items for 9. They post clothing items on their site, you pick 1 item for the sale or 2 items for the 9 sale and they surprise you with the rest. Don’t worry, if you miss the first Monday of the month, there are still items to choose from but they do get picked over and the sizes dwindle fast!

I tried it for the first time in February. It seemed to be slow arriving. It came while I was in the hospital, so about 2 weeks after placing the order. They do charge for shipping, which was about for the 5-7 items.

The actual number of items you receive is based on the price of the items you pick and they pick. They say it’s up to a 0 value for the 5-7 items.

You can try Golden tote at: or click here:



Golden Tote #3

I received a new tote a few days ago!  So exciting to open it and see what I got! I was very excited when I started taking things out.  I loved the material I was seeing!  Then I unfolded things and 2 of the tops were sleeveless 🙁  My profile says I don’t wear sleeveless!  Sending Golden Tote an email.… Read more →

Golden Tote #2

I received my second Golden Tote a few days ago.  Not nearly as impressed as I was with the first one.  Here’s what I received: The tote was $149 which included 2 of the items I selected plus the surprise items.  I purchased a couple extra items (sweater and scarf) which brought the total to $198.  The 6 tote items… Read more →

February Tote

I chose the 5-7 items for $149 and received 6 items.  Here’s what I received: If you click on the photos, there’s a small description, but I’ll recap here.  My choice was the skinny off white jeans and navy blouse with tiny white polka dots.  The photo I took with it on turned out blurry and with my back, I… Read more →