Gigi & Trip

Trip is our cat. He’s a 5 year old Bengal. He was an “only child” until Gigi came along and upset his whole world. Trip is now on Prozac ~ seriously. I kid you not. Prozac just like humans take, from the same pharmacy as we get our prescriptions at. Gigi and Trip get along pretty well. They’ll wrestle and rough house, which was scary when Gigi was just a tiny pup, but now that she’s 4 pounds, she does pretty good against Trip’s 9 pounds.


Gigi and Trip


Dog’s Diary v. Cat’s Diary

I found this funny post online and tried to copy it to post here, but it wouldn’t let me copy!  Darn copyright laws!  So, I decided to create my own using a day in the life of Gigi and Trip.  Dogs view v. Cats view… Excerpts from Gigi’s Diary:          7:00 am:       Time to wake up!  Yay!  Best thing… Read more →

6 Months without an Accident

Yay, Gigi! Gigi is approaching her 2nd birthday and she was really an easy dog to housebreak, with the exception of one area in our house.  The dining area.  For whatever reason, from the time she was just a little puppy, if she was out of my sight for 2 minutes I knew where she was.  In the dining area.… Read more →

Sick :(

Gigi gave me a bit of a scare the past few days.  She first vomited on Thursday, then didn’t vomit again until yesterday (Sunday).  In the interim, she has been very lethargic and has been laying down in different parts of the house than normal, isolating herself.  I have to go searching for her.  Normally she’s right beside me all… Read more →