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Intermountain Therapy Animals

Intermountain Therapy Animals

Tomorrow is a big day! It’s Gigi’s “bar exam”! At least that’s how I’ve been referring to it. Tomorrow, January 25, 2015, is the day that Gigi and I will either pass or flunk the evaluation that we’ve been working hard for to become a volunteer therapy team for Intermountain Therapy Animals (it also happens to be my birthday, but that’s not nearly as exciting).

After Gigi provided me therapy from the difficulties I was dealing with at the time I got her, I thought if she can help me she may be able to help others!

There is scientific proof that the body releases natural endorphins when petting, holding or interacting with an animal, such as a cat or dog.

​Endorphins are hormones the body releases in reaction to stress or pain. Medical professionals acknowledge animals have the ability to boost medical and physical health, which is why Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) was developed.