One Year Post Op!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my back surgery!  I also can’t believe how well I’m doing.  People ask me frequently if I have any regrets and without hesitation, the answer is “No”.  I am, for the most part, pain free all the time.  I can ski longer than I could before the surgery without any back pain.  I’m totally amazed!


I had a knee surgery on December 23, 2015.  Nothing major, I’ve been experiencing knee pain for several years when skiing, riding on the back of Ray’s Harley, and, of all things, flying.  I don’t know why sitting in an airplane would cause my right knee so much pain, but that is when it would be the most painful.  The surgeon did a microscopic surgery and cleaned up an old torn meniscus and some arthritis.  I was back to skiing in 4 weeks.  Good results!

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