UnoCook Large Wood Cutting Board

The UnoCook Large Wood Cutting Board is an extremely nice, quality heavy duty cutting board. It has a beautiful, smooth finish with a nice grain to the wood and plenty of cutting space and offers grooved edges to prevent liquid from dripping off.

I only use wood cutting boards and am very impressed with this one. The reason I only use wood cutting boards is because it is safer than plastic cutting boards. Over time, plastic cutting boards become knife-scarred and it’s almost impossible to eliminate the contaminants. Even when washed in extremely hot, soapy water, cleaned with bleach or put through the dishwasher, plastic cutting boards continue to breed bacteria.

Wood contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which naturally eliminate about 99 percent of all potential contaminants. Both new and well used, knife scarred, wooden cutting boards maintain this ability equally well and are much safer to use than plastic cutting boards.

The Unocook Large Wood Cutting Board will last years and is a great gift for anyone who has a kitchen. I highly recommend this cutting board.

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