Sinobeats Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh Yeah!, November 4, 2015

I wish I could give the TEN STARS!! I am truly “wowed”!

The Sinobeats Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is proof that big things come in small packages. I have reviewed other small bluetooth speakers and was impressed with the sound quality that came from something so small, but felt it still didn’t compare to a larger speaker. Then I got the Sinobeats Speaker! My mind is changed. You CAN get large speaker sound, complete with base, clarity ~ even the vibrations from the sound inside your gut!

The Sinobeats Speaker comes with the owner’s manual, charging cable and auxiliary cord as an optional connection if you choose to bypass the bluetooth. It has a mini SD card reader. The bottom of the speaker has non-slip rubber.

I plugged the charging cable into the speaker and the USB end into my laptop. A red light indicated it was charging. After charging, I turned on the “on” switch on the bottom of the speaker. I went to the bluetooth on my iPhone and instantly saw “sinobeats”. I connected the bluetooth with no problems. Then the good stuff! I turned on the music and it blasted they way it should! I was VERY impressed, as was my husband who isn’t much of a techie guy. I had my husband call my iPhone and was able to answer it by pressing the “phone” button on the speaker. The call had great clarity on both our ends. Okay, so since my husband isn’t a techie guy, he seriously did the jaw drop. His reaction to this great little speaker was, “Remember how huge they were when we were young?” So true. I then asked him what he would expect to pay for something with this sound quality (he didn’t know what it was priced at on Amazon). He said $99. I showed him the Amazon page and he was shocked that it’s possible to get a speaker with the sound quality of the Sinobeats for under $20!

This is a must have for everyone who loves great music with great sound. What a great Christmas gift these will make!

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