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UnoCook Large Wood Cutting Board

The UnoCook Large Wood Cutting Board is an extremely nice, quality heavy duty cutting board. It has a beautiful, smooth finish with a nice grain to the wood and plenty of cutting space and offers grooved edges to prevent liquid from dripping off. I only use wood cutting boards and am very impressed with this one. The reason I only… Read more →

Halloween 2015

Ray and I went to Michelle’s house for soup on Halloween, then spent the evening going around the neighborhood with Michelle, Nicole, their husbands and their kids trick or treating.  It was a really nice weather ~ very pleasant for this time of year.  We had a great time! Read more →

Justice Clarence Thomas

Every year Ray and I attend the BYU Law School Founder’s Day Dinner and every year I sit through a speaker that doesn’t really move me. This year was different.  The speaker was none other than Justice Clarence Thomas. The morning of the dinner, Ray and I were getting ready for work and I asked Ray who the speaker is this… Read more →

CK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set

Soft Sheets!, October 14, 2015 The CK Unlimited King Size Sheet Set is better than I expected! The sheets are very good quality and well made. The sheets are the softest sheets I’ve ever owned. The white sheets are very bright and I like the decorative stitching along the pillowcases. I’ve paid way too much for sheet sets before because… Read more →

ToyJoy F1C-WiFi First Quadcopter Drone

Good Quad ~ Bad Instructions, October 17, 2015 The ToyJoy F1C-Wifi First Quadcopter is a fun, remote controlled drone. The instructions that came with the drone are nearly impossible to decipher. The majority of the instructions are in Chinese and most of the instructions that are in English don’t make sense. Translating the instructions from Chinese to English must have… Read more →

JTD Ring Stand

This is a Grand Stand!, October 22, 2015 The J-Tech Digital Ring Stand is a device to attach by adhesive to the back of your cell phone or tablet. It turns your cell phone or cell phone cover into one with a kickstand. I love this idea! When the phone is propped up, It makes it easier to read from… Read more →

Back Surgery Update

I can’t believe it’s been almost 9 months since my back surgery!  I’ve been doing so well and it’s so nice not to be in constant pain.  I’ve had a few little setbacks when I’ve overdone it, but nothing that isn’t better by the next day.  I was able to waterski in August!  It was awesome!  Hopefully skiing will be… Read more →

Amcrest Trail Cam

WAY Better Than Expected!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The Amcrest ATC-1201 12mp Digital Trail Cam is a very sturdy, very good quality video camera and still shot camera that is motion activated. I live in the mountains and my backyard is the woods. I have a trail in my backyard and frequently see moose, deer, red fox and other animals… Read more →

Mikobox Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Might Have to Remove Your Cell Phone Case The Mikobox Qi Wireless Charging Pad is a charging device used to charge all cell phones/devices that are Qi standard; however, some devices, such as Apple devices, will require an adapter (not included) to work with the Mikobox Qi Wireless Charging Pad. The Mikobox Qi Wireless Charging Pad is small, lightweight and… Read more →

Magnifying Glass Necklace

Okay for the price…, The Elegant Amber Magnifying Glass arrived in a nice box, perfect for gift giving. Inside the box is a black, velvet pouch with the pendant/necklace inside. The shape of the pendant is a little different than what is shown in the seller’s photo. The seller’s photos make the pendant appear as though the “frame” of the… Read more →

Nike Bracelet

Like Nike The Thin Nike Silicone Wristband Bracelet is a very nice, quality bracelet. I ordered it for my 14-year-old granddaughter who is really into soccer and really into anything Nike. The bracelet is made of good, durable silicone and has a nice clasp that releases and latches with ease, but isn’t going to come undone on its own. The… Read more →