Golden Tote #3

I received a new tote a few days ago!  So exciting to open it and see what I got!

I was very excited when I started taking things out.  I loved the material I was seeing!  Then I unfolded things and 2 of the tops were sleeveless 🙁  My profile says I don’t wear sleeveless!  Sending Golden Tote an email.



I got this cute necklace that looks like 2 necklaces but is really only 1.

Light denim boyfriend jeans and top.

Light denim boyfriend jeans and top.

I desperately need new jeans, so this light denim boyfriend jeans were one of the items I selected.  I really like the way they fit and they’re comfortable.  The top was one of my surprise items.  I love the linen type material and the color ~ just wish it wasn’t sleeveless.  I’ll get a cute cardigan or something to layer with it.


These are the same jeans as the above photo.  I got this cute white cotton top (it’s very wrinkled in the photo) with the cutout sleeves.  I’m wearing the necklace I got in these photos.  They were both surprise items and I really like both of them!


Palazzo Pants

This was pretty funny because I’ve really never considered getting palazzo pants before until the day prior to receiving this tote.  I all of a sudden became obsessed with them and was googling what to wear with them and looking at them on Amazon.  I almost ordered some that are dressy than these, that I thought I could wear to work with a blouse and heels, but I didn’t think I could “pull them off”.  I was glad I got these surprise palazzo pants so I could see how they look.  They are SO comfy!  These are very casual ones that I would wear to the beach or something.  They are long on me (I’m only 5’3″), but I can roll the top over a couple times to help.  I like them!

Dark boyfriend jeans and top

Dark boyfriend jeans and top

 These jeans are the other item I selected.  They are the exact same jeans as the first pair, only in a dark blue.  Really like them.  Here is my second “surprise” sleeveless top.  Again, I really like the top but will have to layer it.


I spent $149 and received 2 pairs of jeans, 3 tops, a pair of palazzo pants and a necklace.  That comes out to $21.28 per item!  It was a great tote!


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