Golden Tote #2

I received my second Golden Tote a few days ago.  Not nearly as impressed as I was with the first one.  Here’s what I received:


The tote was $149 which included 2 of the items I selected plus the surprise items.  I purchased a couple extra items (sweater and scarf) which brought the total to $198.  The 6 tote items averaged $24.83 a piece or $37.25 a piece if I only take into consideration the 4 items I’ll actually wear.  There’s a Facebook site that people post Golden Tote items they want to sell or trade, so I’ll probably put the maxi dress and ugly pink top on there.  Maybe I’ll have to pay someone to take the ugly pink top!  Ha!  Overall, the tote was worth the $149 even though 2 of the items are a no go.  I’m going to have to change my Golden Tote profile to specify no maxi dresses.  Can’t wait to see next months tote!

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