Monthly Archives: April 2015

Dog’s Diary v. Cat’s Diary

I found this funny post online and tried to copy it to post here, but it wouldn’t let me copy!  Darn copyright laws!  So, I decided to create my own using a day in the life of Gigi and Trip.  Dogs view v. Cats view… Excerpts from Gigi’s Diary:          7:00 am:       Time to wake up!  Yay!  Best thing… Read more →

Golden Tote #2

I received my second Golden Tote a few days ago.  Not nearly as impressed as I was with the first one.  Here’s what I received: The tote was $149 which included 2 of the items I selected plus the surprise items.  I purchased a couple extra items (sweater and scarf) which brought the total to $198.  The 6 tote items… Read more →