Green Chef

THIS Happened Today!


Yep!  Yet ANOTHER subscription meal service.  I discovered Green Chef when I had an advertisement come up on my facebook page offering a promo to receive the first week of 3 meals for 2 people for the price of 2 meals, which came to $26.98, which would make it about $82 if paying for all the meals.  Green Chef is all organic food.  I don’t have any hangups about “only eating organic”, but I do notice that it normally has a fresher taste to it.  I got to select my 3 meals from 6 options.  The food was delivered well packaged and labeled.

I decided to take it easy and prepare the easiest of the 3 meals for dinner tonight since I’m still recovering from back surgery.  I selected steak panzanella salad.  It was so easy to prepare!  Seriously, hardly any chopping, slicing or dicing.  Took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  It was really good!  I wish there had been more of it.

I’ll have to see if the other 2 meals are as good as this one.  The price is higher, but quality, simplicity and well organized ingredients are a plus!


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