Going Backwards

After my long walk a couple days ago I was hurting.  Yesterday I was still having pain in my lower back on the right side down into my buttock.  I decided to push through it and did 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  I think maybe it was because of the steep incline when I walked outside.

Later in the day yesterday the pain was getting unbearable.  I tried calling Dr. Nathan’s nurse and got her voice mail so I left her a message letting her know what was going on.  For the first time since a week after my surgery I took a half a pain killer.  I didn’t hold it down long and later last night tried another half which I ate with some bread.  The pain was like a sharp stabbing pain.

When I woke up this morning the pain had decreased to a dull ache that was still very uncomfortable.  I stayed down all day with an ice pack on my back.  I finally got a call back from Dr. Nathan’s nurse who said she doesn’t know what is causing the pain and is going to have Dr. Nathan call me, but he’s been in surgery all day.  She said it will be sometime this weekend before he’s able to get back to me.  At this point it’s not an emergency, just a pain in the butt ~ literally.  I can’t seem to find any position that is comfortable.  

My RN sister thinks I overdid it with my walk and it’s inflamed but will subside.  Nice having so many medical family and friends.  

I feel like I’m going backwards in my recovery.  I was really reluctant to take a pain killer because 1) they make me nauseous and 2) I take pride in being able to endure the pain.  Dumb, I know. 

What I Have Learned So Far From My Fusion

  1. Remember to do the log roll getting into and out of bed (I’ve been feeling so good that I’ve forgotten a couple times first thing when I wake up and sit right up!).

  2. Regardless of how good you feel, follow doctor’s instructions!  This is hard when you feel better after surgery than before. 

  3. Don’t overdo the walking, but walk some every day!

  4. Get loose fitting tops and/or dresses that you can wear the brace under unnoticed.  

  5. Have someone at home to help the first week or so (Chantel was here for about 2 weeks!  It was nice to have her to take Gigi out and bring me food, not to mention having my own private RN).  

  6. Oh yes!  Hardest lesson I learned (no pun intended).  Sorry to bring this up, but it’s a necessary evil.  When I left the hospital the nurses advised me to take stool softeners every day because the pain meds cause constipation.  I had already been on IV pain meds in the hospital for 5 days by the time I was discharged and had not yet gone.  I took a stool softener here and there when I got home, but not consistently.  By day 9 post op I still had not gone and was miserable!  I did finally go on day 9 and it was like giving birth all over again.  Awful experience not to mention straining like that cannot be good on the surgery site!  I should have been eating those like candy!

Hopefully this new setback will go away quickly.  Wish me luck!

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