6 Months without an Accident


Yay, Gigi!

Gigi is approaching her 2nd birthday and she was really an easy dog to housebreak, with the exception of one area in our house.  The dining area.  For whatever reason, from the time she was just a little puppy, if she was out of my sight for 2 minutes I knew where she was.  In the dining area.  It seemed like it was normally in the evenings about the time I would be putting her to bed, so she was avoiding me and using the dining area to go potty instead of her usual routine.

Gigi has a bell by our back door that she rings when she needs to go outside to go potty.  Sometimes she gets impatient and it’s like ding, ding, ding, ding and pretty soon the bell turns into a hockey puck and she slapping it across the kitchen floor with her paw.  LOL!  Other times she freaks out and is ringing it because there’s a squirrel outside that she really wants to see, but she’ll always justify ringing the bell by squeezing out a drop or two.  The funniest times are when I’m in another room and I hear the bell ring so I come into the kitchen to take Gigi out and there’s Trip sitting there, wanting to go out.  Sorry, Trip, you’re an indoor cat.


Busted!  Nice Try, Trip

I finally got Gigi to stop going in the dining area about 6 months ago and it’s been such a blessing!  She is totally 100% potty trained and will hold it until the end of time before having an accident in the house.  When we travel and stay in hotels she never has accidents, either.  Such a good little dog!  I love her so much!

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