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More Green Chef

Oh My Gosh!  I am a total Green Chef fan!  I’ve made two additional meals from Green Chef since my last Green Chef post and have been “wowed” by both.  They are easier to fix than Hello Fresh and the other meal subscription delivery services that I’ve used and taste so good!  I don’t know if it’s because of the… Read more →

Green Chef

THIS Happened Today! Yep!  Yet ANOTHER subscription meal service.  I discovered Green Chef when I had an advertisement come up on my facebook page offering a promo to receive the first week of 3 meals for 2 people for the price of 2 meals, which came to $26.98, which would make it about $82 if paying for all the meals.… Read more →

Follow Up Appointment

It’s been over 5 weeks since the surgery!  Where has the time gone?  I had my first follow up appointment with Dr. Nathan today.  Everything is good and I can start doing more as long as it doesn’t cause pain or too much discomfort.  I feel really good!  I’m going to work 2 days this week, Tuesday and Thursday.   … Read more →

6 Months without an Accident

Yay, Gigi! Gigi is approaching her 2nd birthday and she was really an easy dog to housebreak, with the exception of one area in our house.  The dining area.  For whatever reason, from the time she was just a little puppy, if she was out of my sight for 2 minutes I knew where she was.  In the dining area.… Read more →

Going Backwards

After my long walk a couple days ago I was hurting.  Yesterday I was still having pain in my lower back on the right side down into my buttock.  I decided to push through it and did 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  I think maybe it was because of the steep incline when I walked outside. Later in… Read more →


I’m a little sore today!  Thank I may have overdone it. Ray asked me this morning before he left for work if I really do want to work Friday.  I told him I’m a little worried about it, but I’ll give it a try.  He did tell me it’s only supposed to last a half day, which was a relief.… Read more →

What Have I Done?

It’s been just under 3 weeks since my surgery.  I’m feeling good and doing some light housework (dishes, laundry, straightening up, picking up Gigi’s toys with my “grabber”, cleaning Trip’s litter boxes, etc.) but still tend to feel low energy and nap almost every day.  The only exercising I can do is walking, which doesn’t make me feel too bad because… Read more →