Stitch Fix #6

I received my 6th stitch fix a few days ago!  I love getting that box!  Logan was my stylist for the third time.  I love Logan and have requested to have Logan every time!  What I received: Burgundy Skinny Jeans, Polka Dot Sweater, Blue Blouse, Jacket, Blue Dress.

  • Burgundy Skinny Jeans and Polka Dot Blouse

Love the burgundy skinny jeans.  They are very soft and comfortable and have cute zippers at the ankles.  I really like the polka dot sweater, too.  I’m really into polka dots lately and think it looks cute with the burgundy jeans.  VERDICT: Keeping them both!

  • Blue Blouse

I really like the blue blouse with embroidery around the neckline.  I was on the fence about it only because I have a lot of casual tops; however, it goes well with the burgundy jeans and I’m not sure I have many other tops that will.  VERDICT: Keep!


  • Jacket

Okay, I can’t quite figure this jacket out.  It’s soft material and I like the color, but the fit is weird.  It’s an asymmetrical fit which is okay, but there seems to be a lot of excess material at the neck that kind of hangs.  VERDICT: Guilty of being weird.  Going back.


  • Dress

I really wanted this dress to work out.  I like the lace.  It was a pretty bright blue, but I liked it.  I thought it was too dressy for work and church so about the only time I would wear it would be to weddings or a formal dinner.  The problem was it fit a little tight through the chest.  The front had a snap at the cleavage to prevent flashing the world.  Every time I would move my arms, the snap would pop open for all to see.  VERDICT: Guilty of indecent exposure.  Sentence is return to Stitch Fix.


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