Sick :(

Gigi gave me a bit of a scare the past few days.  She first vomited on Thursday, then didn’t vomit again until yesterday (Sunday).  In the interim, she has been very lethargic and has been laying down in different parts of the house than normal, isolating herself.  I have to go searching for her.  Normally she’s right beside me all the time.

Another thing Gigi did a couple of times was to drag her butt across the carpet.  I didn’t know what the meaning of this was, but Chantel informed me of dogs anal glands.  How Chantel knows this is beyond me, I always thought she was a medical professional for humans, not dogs, but I’m glad she knew.  Gigi was biting at her butt like it was irritated and Chantel was nice enough to scratch it for her with a paper towel ~ uh, this is further than I would have even gone.  Gigi was laying on her back like, “Yes!  Don’t stop!”  Hmmmmm.

When Gigi vomited yesterday and was acting very lethargic, I began to panic a bit.  I called and scheduled an appointment for 2:30 p.m. with the veterinary clinic I use for boarding and emergencies (since they’re open 24/7).

Ray and I took Gigi in.  This was my first outing since my back surgery and was a little uncomfortable going over bumps in the truck.  The veterinarian “expressed” Gigi’s anal glands, which were impacted and definitely the cause of Gigi’s butt issues, but the veterinarian wasn’t so sure if that would have caused Gigi to be  vomiting and lethargy.  The vet recommended running a series of blood tests, which would take about an hour and a half.

Ray and I left Gigi behind and went to Chili’s to eat, just to pass the time.  The vet is too far from our house to run home and back again.

Gigi’s blood work all came back normal, with the exception that she’s a little dehydrated (probably due to vomiting).  The vet gave her a shot of fluid, some prescription antacid pills and said to feed her bland food such as boiled chicken and white rice for a few days, until the vomiting stops.

We stopped at a grocery store and got chicken breasts and white rice, which I cooked when we got home.  What a full day for me!  I was sore and tired, but still standing.  No muscle spasms or complications.

Good news is Gigi is doing better and loves having chicken and rice to eat!  I gave some to Trip to be fair, he took a couple of bites and walked away.  Gigi couldn’t eat it fast enough!  I’m glad she’s okay and that I now know about anal glands!

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