Nine Days Post-Op

I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a  week since the surgery!  I’m feeling really good ~ even without all the painkillers!  Maybe too good?  I started to wonder if the surgery had really been performed!  The painkillers were causing me a lot of nausea, so I just stopped taking them 6 days after surgery, ignoring all the warnings, “to stay on top of your pain meds” and I’m doing great.

I had one scare ~ a couple nights ago I started having spasms in my right leg/groin area.  I’ve never had any problems on the right side, the sciatic pain and nerve damage has always been on the left side.  It was so bad that about every third step I took, I would almost collapse because of the pain ~ worst pain ever.  It was scary!  It got really bad later at night, after Ray was asleep.  Fortunately my RN daughter, Chantel, was here to help me out.  Chantel texted a friend of hers who is a occupational therapist who said it could be swollen muscles or nerves from the surgery and may just go away on it’s on.  By the next morning, it was gone!  Yay!

So I went back to the post I wrote at 2:30 a.m.  I was totally on painkillers!  There were so many typos and misspelled words!  I corrected some, hopefully all, of them.  Hopefully my huge number of followers (LOL!) overlooked my errors.  On the other hand, I was tempted to leave it the way it was because it was so funny!  It’s like what I think is called drunk dialing, only this was writing.

Hopefully my recovery will continue to go as well as it has been.  I’m staying down (sitting or laying down) most the time and getting up to walk around periodically.  I’m very optimistic at this point!  I’m seriously feeling better now than before the surgery!  It’s going to be hard not to overdo things, but I need to keep the big picture in mind.  This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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