February Tote

I chose the 5-7 items for $149 and received 6 items.  Here’s what I received:

If you click on the photos, there’s a small description, but I’ll recap here.  My choice was the skinny off white jeans and navy blouse with tiny white polka dots.  The photo I took with it on turned out blurry and with my back, I wasn’t about to put it on again (not yet, anyhow), so I posted the other photo of it as well.  In addition, I received the sweater, 2 tops and the dress (which is great because I can wear my back brace under it fairly unnoticed).  I really liked everything!  The items seem to be good quality and fit well.  With the shipping, it came to $162, which breaks down to $27.50 per item.  Not bad at all!  I think I’ll try Golden Tote again in March!



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