What Day is it?

Since the surgery my days have been so mixed up!  Anyhow, I didn’t do such a great job of blogging my on-going back problems while in the hospital.  I was seriously so out of it the whole time that I handle simple tasks.


Here’s more of the story.  The hospital staff brought me a pile of papers to sign.  One of papers was consenting to Dr. Nathan performing this big long medical procedure in medical lingo that of course I didn’t know what it meant.   I told the nurse I would like to speak with Dr. Nathan about it before surgery, just to ensure we were on the same page.  When the nurse came with a gurney to take me back to surgery, I thought perhaps Dr. Nathan was going to speak to me in the OR before the anesthesiologist knocked me out.  Instead, I was put into this little tiny consultation room.  I waited for over an hour and my anxiety was getting the better of me.   Finally Dr. Nathan came in and I told him I was having anxiety.  He told me he could do 1 of 3 options.  The first would be to do nothing, and continue living with the pain and numbness while the nerve gets more damage.  The second was to do a discectomy instead of a fusion.  He would just go in and clean it up a little, but that wouldn’t repair the disc on disc problem.  I confirmed what he had previously told me, that my quality of life should increase with the fusion.  Okay, let’s do this!


When I was wheeled into the OR, it was freezing!  The nurses said Dr. Nathan likes to do his surgeries in a meat locker!  I told the anesthesiologist about my anxiety and he said he would give me something to bring it down.  Next thing I know I’m waking up in recovery.  What happened?  So strange when so much time in your life passes by and you have no recollection.  The surgery had taken over 4 hours.  A nurse came to let me know Dr. Nathan had called Ray to update him on my sugery.


When Dr. Nathan came in to speak to me, he said he was very pleased with the outcome.  He was able to remove a lot of arthritis (arthritis?  I had no idea arthritis could be removed) and successfully performed the fusion.  Now it’s going to be another waiting game to make sure the fusion works.  Dr. Nathan put cadaver bone in-between my vertebrae; So Thank You Donor Patient and Family for Your Gift!


The rest of my hospital stay was a big blur.  I was on a morphine drip and taking Percocet.  I was so drowsy nothing could keep me awake.  Fell asleep with food in my mouth, fell asleep while talking to visitors, I felt so bad for being a party pooper!


I was discharged from the hospital yesterday ~ Day 5 since my surgery, I think.  I’m now only on the Percocet so hopefully my brain will regain some of what it’s forgotten.


I had a lot of visitors while in the hospital.  Ray and Chantel were there a lot!  Ray brought Gigi with him a few times and she would go nuts licking my face.  Ray’s parents stopped in one day, Michelle,Clinton and their children, Nicole, Randy and their kids all came and Justin, Jen and Ryker.  I think those are the people who came to visit me and I think I didn’t forget anyone.    

Hospital with Gigi

Gigi visiting me in the hospital


I’ve been up and walking around the house quite a bit.  I’m not going to lie, the pain is terrible.  That’s why I’m wide awake at 2:30 a.m.  I got behind on my pain meds while sleeping and it caught up to me. Ugh!


Update: My confusion continues even though I’m only taking Percocet.  My head is light-headed and dizzy.  When I was in the hospital I thought Ray had been out scuba diving on the days he had to work.  I asked him how his dives went?  I think that came out because Ray and I were going to take a trip to Cozumel in April, but I was going to be recovering from back surgery in the hotel room each day while Ray went out diving.  Our plans fell through anyhow, and we’re going on a short 5 day cruise instead.  

I hate this confusion, but I guess it beats being in so much pain that I can’t stand it!

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